Process Design


Our world is full of processes–some tried and true, others that are ever-adapting to the trends. At Process Design+Strategy™, we recognize and adopt the best of both. The processes in our everyday workflow evolve as we do.

All principals are gurus in our fields. We know the trade secrets and ins and outs of the industry–the best processes. We recognize opportunities for your company throughout every process we've adopted. Learn about how our company's processes can satisfy your company's needs.

The "Client" Process

Sure, we want new clients, but we don't take them all. We're in search of clients who not only need, but appreciate great creative–clients who understand the value of a fantastic idea and spectacular execution.

Our team is made up of great people, and we need great clients to match. Honesty and a good working relationship are key to what we do. We want to build long-term relationships with you and your company. In fact, we want to become an extension of your brand, understanding your product back and front. We come to you–personally, and virtually. (And we work with realistic timelines; we hope you understand.)

The "Listening" Process

We know that somewhere inside your mind lies the vision that becomes the foundation for a great brand, campaign, or what have you. We work with you to explore every important detail–even the ones your team may have overlooked.

No one knows your business better than you–so we listen–then react. We will even research your customers and provide relevant feedback and findings for potential business opportunities.

The "Strategy" Process

We drill down–further than any boutique agency we know of. Though we work in every medium, simple or integrated, we'll only do for you what we know is going to work for you. We won't invest our time and your money giving you what you think you may need if you don't have the resources or ability to manage it. We do what's right for your business by proposing strategies that will bring your vision to life and provide a good return on your investment.

The "Creative" Process

We work a little differently in order to make effective creative cost less. Our processes ensure that we stick to our strategy. All principals are involved in developing the creative. Our web and print directors make sure our projects are successful in all mediums. You're a partner in this, too; you'll join us every step of the way to make certain your vision is being fulfilled.

The "Production" Process

We have some of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in print, direct mail, web, search engine optimization, social media, and out of home. With razor sharp eyes and attention to every detail, we're able to deliver projects on time, and within the budget.

Our long-standing relationships with vendors, suppliers and printers also reduce costs. We can push for shortened turn-around times and ensure fair prices.

The "Referral" Process

We don't advertise or have "sales representatives". Our work is referred to us–by you.

We over-deliver. In turn, you brag to your colleagues about our amazing services, and we receive a phone call. You're rewarded for bringing us new business; we knock a nice little chunk off of your next invoice, and usually throw in a fancy dinner. And so begins a beautiful friendship.